About Us

About us

Our Story

We are a Wigan based Community Interest Company contributing to community wealth building by working with local communities/businesses to improve health. 

Operating as a social enterprise, we have no shareholders and we invest all monies back into patient services.

We work closely with GP Practices and Primary Care Networks across the borough providing a variety of Primary Care services along with being at the forefront of Covid-19 delivery and Flu vaccination services and training staff across the Wigan Borough.

Health First also deliver NHS health checks on behalf of the local authority and within local businesses along with providing services for a number of Primary Care Networks and GP Practices.

Our Vision

Empowering Wigan and its diverse communities for a brighter, healthier future with community-driven wellbeing at its core.

Our Mission

Continue to collaborate with local partners, prioritise preventive care, and reinvest resources to create a healthier community.